Shared Use of Poles

Distribution Network Operators may provide shared use of their assets eg. poles to third parties under formal arrangements (eg. Facility Access Agreements). This section outlines the minimum requirements which are apply to third parties attaching equipment to distribution company assets and provides support to any Agreement established between a Distribution Company and a Shared User.

Code of Engineering Practice for Shared Use of Poles

The Code of Engineering Practice for Shared Use of Poles provides guidance and describes the minimum technical standards for third parties wishing to attach assets to network operator facilities.

This Code applies to the attachment of Shared Use equipment such as

  • Cables, wires and leads;
  • Power supplies, control boxes, switch boxes, terminal boxes and fuse boxes;
  • Telecommunication Antennae, communications dishes and any associated equipment (i.e. cables, terminal boxes etc.);
  • Electrolysis equipment; and
  • Minor hardware such as signs, flags, banners, Christmas/event decorations, and traffic signals or any other minor attachments approved by the Distribution Company.

The Code also sets out the requirements for the design, construction, attachment, safety, operation, maintenance and removal of Shared User's Equipment Attached to a Distribution Company owned Pole.

Revision of the Code

The Shared Use of Poles Code ("Code") has been drafted and will supersede the “Code of Engineering Practice for Shared Use of Poles” (dated 27 February 1996). Comments on the draft have been provided by the relevant stakeholders. The new Shared Use Code includes requirements for All-Dielectric Fibre Optic Cables, Antennae, Signs and Banners.

The committee is currently reviewing submitted comments and may make any necessary amendments to the revised code before publishing. Thank-you to those stakeholders who provided feedback.

The finalized Shared Use Code will be published on this website where it will be available for download.

Click on this link to access the draft copy

Committee Members

Membership of the Shared Use Committee is made up of the following VESI employees:

Network OperatorRepresentative
Ausnet ServicesSaman De Silva
CitiPower/PowercorLuke Farrugia(Chair)Anwar QuaramIan Luscombe
JemenaMax Demko
United EnergyJim Tsirikis

Telecommunication Workers

Shared User must ensure that any works undertaken on the Distribution Company’s pole is carried out by persons who have received training and have been assessed as competent. The Victorian Electricity Supply Industry (VESI) Network Operators have agreed on common training requirements for Telecommunication workers working on their assets. The requirements described in the document below apply to all workers performing telecommunications work who are installing and or maintaining telecommunications infrastructure on VESI Network Operator assets.

Safety Compliance Training Requirements for Telecommunications work on VESI Network Operator Assets

Signs, minor attachments and banners

Shared users undertaking the installation and maintenance of signs, minor attachments and banners shall be trained prior to undertaking this work.

Training standard for - VESI Installation and Maintenance of Attachments on Distribution Company Poles